71 EFSC student-athletes named to FCSAA All-Academic team

71 EFSC student-athletes named to FCSAA All-Academic team

Eastern Florida State College student-athletes excelled in the classroom this year as the Florida College System Activities Association named 71 Titans to the All-Academic team.

The 71 student-athletes all had grade point averages over 3.30 this season and nine student-athletes finished with a 4.0. Women's soccer players Emily Bodi, Beatrice Gards and Morgan Zuhlke, men's soccer players Abdel Kuku and Aedon Kyra, volleyball players Laura Azevedo and Elisa Pauzer, women's tennis players Valeria Arevalo and Vasavi Shanthi all finished with 4.0 grade point averages.

All 11 athletic programs had at least two players make the All-Academic team with the women's soccer team leading with 13 players making the team. The softball team had 12 players make it while the men's soccer team had nine and the volleyball and women's basketball teams each had eight.

Overall, 19 sophomores made the All-Academic team for the second straight year. Women's basketball players Angeni Worley and Embla Andersson, women's soccer players Cristina Garriga and Klesha Darroux, women's volleyball players Elisa Pauzer, Ariel Letcher and Erin Arbour, baseball players Boris Villa, Collier Rutledge and Pablo Barquero Jackson, men's tennis player Nils Michel, softball players Alexis Neiberline, Olivia Everett, Caitlyn Meyer and Hailey Profeta, men's golfer Beck Fox, women's golfer Gianna Piscitelli and men's soccer players Troy Gonzalez and Rhys Myers.

Here are all of the student-athletes honored by the FCSAA.

Women's basketball (8): Embla Andersson (3.83), Jacquelyn LeVay (3.71), Imani-Rae Lubin (3.33), Alana Pinder (3.63), Sierra Votaw (3.64), Destiny Walters (3.91), Skye Williams (3.35) and Angeni Worley (3.60).

Women's soccer (13): Emily Bodi (4.0), Alyse Chairvolotti (3.5), Klesha Darroux (3.43), Beatrice Gards (4.0), Cristina Garriga (3.54), Kiera Gibson (3.55), Aida Illas (3.89), Sophie Jackson (3.60), Morgan Miller (3.79), Alexis Peri (3.56), Hanna Ryberg (3.57), Ebony Wiseman (3.37) and Morgan Zuhlke (4.0).

Baseball (7): Rafael Acosta (3.50), Pablo Barquero Jackson (3.50), Alex Carpenter (3.94), Freddy Gonzalez (3.57), Andrea Rodriguez (3.57), Collier Rutledge (3.79) and Boris Villa (3.94).

Men's tennis (2): Nils Michel (3.64) and Frederik Oervad (3.36).

Softball (12): Emily Bartlett (3.90), Olivia Everett (3.63), Sarah Goldsmith (3.42), Taylor Ignacio (3.87), Morgan Johnston (3.46), Caitlyn Meyer (3.52), Alexis Neiberline (3.71), Nikki Pennington (3.92), Hailey Profeta (3.32), Abigail Thompson (3.46), Katelyn Wilfert (3.55) and Makenzie Wilson (3.58).

Men's golf (4): Beck Fox (3.48), Ryan McMillan (3.32), Ben Ramos (3.65) and Josh Stern (3.40).

Women's tennis (3): Valeria Arevalo (4.0), Vasavi Shanthi (4.0) and Zoe Hanson (3.33).

Men's basketball (2): Noah Louis (3.72) and Kaleb Price (3.75).

Women's golf (3): Trinity Falzone (3.55), Gianna Piscitelli (3.95) and Kacey Walker (3.60).

Men's soccer (9): Rhys Myers (3.38), Kyle Ferguson (3.66), Marc Grifell (3.79), Uziel Hernandez (3.72), Abdel Kuku (4.0), Aedon Kyra (4.0), Troy Gonzalez (3.49), Christopher Dilan (3.55) and Caleb Young (3.34).

Volleyball (8): Erin Arbour (3.76), Laura Azevedo (4.0), Madison Campbell (3.58), Ariel Letcher (3.72), Emily Mullen (3.80), Elisa Pauzer (4.0), Maria Rentas-Correa (3.54) and Renae Watson (3.60).